May 1, 2010

Manchester United | Gareth Bale & Luka Modric

Serius la??? Man U nak beli dua player ni? Kalau dapat pon macam gaya gak...  Tapi, tempat kedua-dua player ni dah penuh la... Harap maaf... kat mane nak sumbat Evra... Adakah Gareth Bale ni setanding Evra??? Hahaha... tapi kalau nak kuad kan skuad, boleh la ambik player ni...

Tapi sape la nak jual player yang hebat macam 2 ekor ni.... Kalau aku jadi manager pon aku x jual diorang ni....

Baca artikel ni.. :

Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has dismissed reports that star duo Luka Modric and Gareth Bale will be leaving White Hart Lane in the close season, and revealed that Bale will be offered a new contract after a string of impressive displays.

Bale is reportedly a top transfer target for Manchester United boss Sir Alex Fergusonbut Redknapp insists he has no intention of selling any of Totenham's best players - and that includes Luka Modric who has also been linked with a move to Old Trafford this week.

Redknapp maintains that while Spurs have been tempted by big-money sales in the past, including flogging Michael Carrickand Dimitar Berbatov to United, he is going to buck the trend.

"I do not want to sell Modric or Bale, no way, absolutely no way," Redknapp told Soccernet. "These young players are the future of the club and we should not be selling our best young players like Modric and Bale.

"If you do, where do you go from there? If you want to progress as a team and as a club you have no chance if you sell players like that.

"We are going places at Spurs, we are looking to build a new stadium, we have a new training ground; the club is looking to go forward."

Reports have suggested that United would be willing to pay up to £25 million for Modric and £20 million for Bale, but Redknapp said: "Modric is world class, I wouldn't be interested in selling him. Bale is just fantastic young player with such a great future, you would be mad to want to think about selling him.

"In fact, the club will be offering Bale a new contract, he has come on bundles in recent months and deserves it. He is an amazing talent, and a nice lad as well.

"But they are not the only young talents we have, just look at Lennon, what a player he is, and he has been training this week, he was involved last Saturday and we shall have to see if he is ready to start against Bolton on Saturday, he will have a big part to play in our run in for fourth place."


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  1. man utd shud find a striker,
    glory2 man utd!! follow u!!!